OEM windshield replacement is more costly than aftermarket glass

Aftermarket auto glass has the same high quality as your original

When it comes to car windshield repair, OEM windshield replacement glass offers little distinction, outside of branding, in your efforts to return your vehicle to safe driving condition. Same Day Windshields uses cost-effective OEE (original equipment equivalent) glass when available to ensure your vehicle’s glass quality is as close to that of its original as possible.

The “OEM” in OEM windshield replacement refers to original equipment manufacturer. This designation means the company that makes your replacement windshield is the same one that supplied the vehicle’s original glass. Suppliers that provide OEM products are licensed by the vehicle manufacturers, and often these windshields bear the brand name and logo of that automaker.

OEE glass, also known as aftermarket glass, is a high-quality glass that is covered by warranty. Unlike OEM windshield replacement, OEE glass does not carry the brand name and logo of the manufacturer or automaker. Insurance companies often favor OEE glass over OEM because that lack of branding makes it more cost-effective.

OEE and OEM windshield replacement may have no out-of-pocket cost

The premium quality of OEM windshield replacement typically comes with a price tag that is higher than that of aftermarket (OEE) glass. We can obtain OEM glass at customer request, and we may have to offer it when OEE glass is not available for a specific vehicle model.

Same Day Windshields has relationships with auto glass dealers across Florida to guarantee high-quality parts for our customers. Aftermarket glass often comes from the same manufacturer as OEM windshield replacement glass, but this unbranded glass is not sold to dealerships.

We obtain the necessary approvals from insurance companies to ensure that aftermarket glass as well as OEM windshield replacement comes with no out-of-pocket cost for most policyholders. In addition, our calibration partner, Same Day Calibrations, is able to meet all safety requirements for their work on aftermarket and OEM windshield replacement projects.

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