Same Day Windshield - Can windshields crack from heat

Can windshields crack from heat in Florida?

If you’re wondering, can windshields crack from heat in Florida? The quick answer is yes, just like extremely cold temperatures can lead to a cracked windshield in colder climates.

SDW auto glass replacement

Auto glass replacement doesn’t have to be difficult

To many, auto glass replacement sounds as though it could require a significant amount of time to complete. Same Day Windshields uses a fleet of mobile auto glass specialists strategically located throughout Florida to quickly get you back on the road safely.

Same Day Windshield emergency windshield replacement

Emergency windshield replacement gets your vehicle fixed quickly

There are times when your schedule just can’t wait for the normal pace of service to play out after life happens. Same Day Windshields understands time is always of the essence – sometimes more than others – which is why we offer emergency windshield replacement in Florida.