Same Day Windshields cracked windshield

Cracked windshield replacement in Florida is safer than repair

Damage from cracked windshields can spread through normal wear and tear

Your initial response in noticing you have a chipped or cracked windshield may be to hope it can be fixed. Our experience has found this temporary approach produces an unsatisfactory result that actually may be hazardous.

Same Day Windshields deals with cracked windshield issues on a daily basis, ranging from all kinds of chips and cracks to full-blown shattered windshields. The common denominator is any windshield damage weakens the overall structure of the windshield, making it vulnerable to catastrophic failure.

The fact that a cracked windshield compromises the integrity of the glass makes complete windshield replacement the right choice for most vehicle owners. Cracked windshield repair uses resin to fill in the chip, but the damage likely will remain visible, especially if dirt has found its way into the chip.

A chipped or cracked windshield can become a bigger problem when the damage spreads or “cracks out” as a result of changes in temperature or even going through a carwash. Even simple daily wear and tear can cause a cracked windshield to crack out in a short amount of time.

Cracked windshield replacement with no cost out of pocket in Florida

The good news when it comes to cracked windshield replacement is you can have zero cost out of pocket as long as you have comprehensive insurance coverage in Florida. Florida law states that the deductible need not apply for windshield damage on comprehensive coverage policies delivered or issued in Florida by an authorized insurer.

Same Day Windshields is able to work with most insurance companies on our customers’ behalf for Florida windshield replacement. One of our friendly customer service members will connect with you and your insurance company to verify your policy complies for no-cost out of pocket for cracked windshield replacement.

About Same Day Windshields LLC

Same Day Windshields LLC provides professional auto glass replacement and repair services for customers throughout Florida. Our technicians use mobile units to perform onsite services supported by the core values of integrity, accountability and quality. Our customers receive no-cost windshield replacement when carrying full coverage auto insurance in Florida.

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