Same Day Windshield Replacement

Get Your Chipped, Cracked or Broken Windshield Replaced
with most Florida Insurance Policies

Florida full coverage policy holders get no cost windshield replacement

Limited time only – Call to see if you qualify

Get Your Chipped, Cracked or Broken Windshield Replaced
with most Florida insurance Policies

Florida Policyholders


Florida full coverage policy holders get no cost replacement

Limited time only – Call to see if you qualify

Uninsured & Non-Florida Policyholders

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Kind, Cordial, and very Respectful. If you call too late they still get your repair done in less than 24 hours. It took little to no time and they were gone. so quick I am only making this review because an ad reminded me about this place. so quick you dont even remember it happened
Ferder Man Avatar
Ferder Man
Awww these folks are The BEST IN THE INDUSTRY! I got my windshield replaced at my home in just a few hours! ALSO the repair guy added a side molding to the invoice and my insurance approved it so THAT WAS A SWEET DEAL~What a pleasure to do business with people who call you back & get you back to life in such a fast time! Godbless yawl!
joel perez Avatar
joel perez
Answered the phone very quickly with a professional greeting. The person we spoke with was very friendly and advised each expected step. Everything went as smoothly as could be expected with the exception of them cleaning up as started on their site. The repair person just wipe all glass fragments on the floor of the car and called it good. If it wasn't for that minor detail l would have given 5stars
Bartt Rakes Avatar
Bartt Rakes
I didn’t care about the price, I just wanted to be reassured and guaranteed that my window would be fixed on the day and time I scheduled for. Take this as feedback: #1 when your representatives answer the phone, they should be stating the name of your company. (It sounds sketchy and untrustworthy not knowing who I was calling. Sort of like a bait and switch type of ad) #2 it’s 2023, there are hundreds of softwares that you can use to provide confirmation texts/emails or the appointment. I never received a receipt!! #3 I called 7 times on the day of the appointment to find out where my technician was… 9am appointment and arrived at 3:50pm. I know this is Miami and everyone shows up when they want. But you charged a premium, and I happily paid it, expecting I was getting service from a larger company that cares. I don’t care about the size of your company, but if your subbing the work out to local glass installers, you need to perfect your systems so I get my moneys worth. The CSR’s were polite, friendly and helpful. But all the above mentioned needs working on. Once the technicians called and started communicating with me and upon arrival, they were great and did the work fast. Remember it’s 2023, up your game or you will be pushed aside by someone that puts some basic effort it customer communication and satisfaction.
Yehuda Best Avatar
Yehuda Best

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